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Step one:
Let's Be Friends!

Step one: Let's Be Friends!

Every couple has a unique love story and a unique vision for their dream wedding day! That's why I  communicate with each couple that inquires with me to make sure that I am the perfect fit for your distinctive vision. After you fill out the contact form here on my site, you can expect me to respond asking to set up a brief phone or video call with you so we can chat about your needs. 

I serve brides that appreciate enhanced, true-to-color and joyful photographs and who recognize that sometimes getting THE shot requires a little more creativity and adventure than your average photograph. My brides also know that they deserve the elevated experience that I focus on providing each of my clients.

Once we figure out if I will be the best photographer to capture your wedding day, then we will move through the boking process!

The Experience


Up Next: Save The Date


Step two: Save The Date

Step two:
Save The Date

The stars are aligned and we've determined we were meant to be! Once we've decided I'm the right fit for you and we've talked about your unique needs for your wedding photography, I will send you a custom booking proposal where you can view your package and pay your deposit to finalize your booking with me! (Payment plans are also available!)

Woohoo! You're officially a TJP Bride and Groom! Now let's get started with the fun parts...


Up Next: Engagements

The Experience


Step THREE: Engagements

It's time for you to announce your engagement and send out wedding invitations, and we're going to get the perfect photos for your announcement! Once you're booked the next step is to plan your engagement session. Don't worry, I will make sure to prepare you for your session so that you and your fiancé will get beautiful photos AND have a fun time!

While some of my clients go into an engagement session with the mindset that they're "not very photogenic" or commonly that the groom "hates having his picture taken," I have never had one complaint after a session and my clients always leave smiling and surprised at how fun their session was with me!

I'll teach you how to pose and prompt you to move in different ways to get ultra-flattering and absolutely gorgeous shots of the two of you together! You don't have to stress about knowing how to pose, I've got you covered! You can just focus on your relationship with your soon-to-be spouse and how exciting and beautiful this time of life is with them!


Up Next: Final Details

The Experience


Step FOUR: Final Details

About two weeks before your wedding day we will have one last phone call to finalize the timeline and shot list, along with any other special details, for your wedding day! 

My couples value having beautiful portraits from their wedding day, and I know how to help you plan your timeline to make sure there is room in the day for capturing those portraits! Whether you want those magazine-worthy formal portraits, incredible family portraits, or portraits with your wonderful (and sometimes wild!) bridal party, I can help you plan your timeline so you will have these type of photographs of your very own! We will also finalize a shot list with any specific MUST HAVE photos you want to make sure I get for you on the big day.

It's SO important to plan a photography-friendly timeline for your big day!


Up Next: Your Wedding Day!

The Experience


Step Five: YOUR wedding day!

Step Five:
YOUR wedding day!

After months of planning and preparations, it's time for you to relax, celebrate, and enjoy your special day while I document the whole thing for you!

When I got married, my wedding day was absolutely perfect.... and a complete blur! Your wedding day will most likely be a beautiful blur as well, which is why I make sure to get not only the posed portraits, but all the candid moments in between as well so you can relive your wedding day for years to come!

After your wedding day, you can expect to see some of the highlights of the day featured on the TJP blog within one week of the wedding! My couples and their families are always so excited to see a recap of the day while you're still on a high from all the excitement, and probably on your honeymoon! 


Up Next: Gallery, Prints, & Album Design

The Experience


- Katie

"Tessa is awesome! She was so easy to work with! She made it comfortable to take pictures, even when some people did NOT like their picture taken. She was really flexible with time and was super focused on us! She captured our wedding day perfectly and made us look amazing in our bridals! Seriously couldn’t be more pleased! I loved it!"

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Kind Words


- Meghan


Kind Words


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"We had a blast having Tessa as our photographer! We didn't know how to pose and were shy, but she made us feel so comfortable and had the perfect poses in mind. She really cares about making you look your best in pictures and capturing the moment. We didn't have to fake any smiles because we had such a great time with her!

- Laura

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- Truxton

"We absolutely loved the photographs and are so happy that you were our photographer"

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Utah Wedding Photographer  |  Salt Lake City, Utah  |  Office Hours: 8-4 Mon-Fri